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While the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, solar energy prices are staying on the rise — a reversal trend for the industry. The rise in material costs is impacting local projects in the Central Valley already.

AgLand Renewables, the California subsidiary of Maryland-based enviro-tech company CleanBay Renewables Inc., has seen material costs increase for the construction of its upcoming Central Valley project in Kings and Merced counties.

Executive Chairman of CleanBay Renewables and President of AgLand Renewables Thomas Spangler said that in California, AgLand is aiming to have more than 80% of its electricity provided by its co-located solar projects, which would also include the latest battery technology. Though CleanBay Renewables and AgLand Renewables are able to absorb cost increases, it is impacting the total costs of the project.

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[email protected] Seikaly Maura