Founded in 2013, CleanBay Renewables harnesses science, technology and economics to tilt the balance back in favor of nature, while protecting the agricultural sector that provides a vital service to humanity.


Our vision is to create a sustainable economic model for the provisioning of energy, the processing of waste, and the return of nutrients to nature’s buffers, while operating in symbiotic harmony with the food production industry and the environment that supports it.  
Our Team


Thomas Spangler, Executive Chairman

Thomas is a former senior Department of Defense official and electrical engineer, and well versed in US State and Federal Government Programs related to the Renewables Sector. He established CleanBay Renewables prior to the Globomass Investment and continues to drive the company’s expansion in the US Market.

Donal Buckley, CEO

Donal is the founder and CEO of Kedco plc, where he developed the company into a leading project development company in the biomass, anaerobic digestion and gasification fields, which he listed on the AIM market on the LSE in 2008. Donal has more than 12 years of experience in all areas of project development in the clean-tech biomass sector within countries worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, the US, Brazil, Ghana, Latvia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Alan Gilbert, Chief Operations Officer

Alan has more than 12 years of experience in renewables, particularly in biomass, including his work from 2006 to 2011 at Kedco, where he developed projects to generate electricity and heat. He successfully restructured a Latvian biomass business – increasing turnover fivefold, developing an energy project ready to finance – and also established the anaerobic digestion division, which went on to become one of the top AD solutions providers into the UK market.

Bryan Train, Chief Investment Officer

Bryan has extensive international experience within project finance, capital markets and industry. Prior to joining CleanBay, he led international business development for Globomass. He was a Managing Director of the Worsham Group, a family office focused on private investments in real estate, and was a co-founder and director of Asha Zuri Participacoes, which funded the development of 3,500 low income units in South Eastern Brazil.

Christi Hudgins, Director of Human Resources

Christi has a diverse human resource portfolio, with an ultimate focus on fostering the link between people and strategy, streamlining processes and implementing strategic initiatives to meet the global needs of CleanBay Renewables. In past roles, Christi organized satellite launches – from initial development stages to implementation – and engaged with senior government and military officials, media outlets and international guests in her roles at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Courtney Spangler, Director of Government Affairs

Courtney serves as chief lobbyist and policy advisor for government affairs. For more than 20 years, she has focused on environmental stewardship and economic development matters. Courtney also serves as land use expert for the firm’s development portfolio and advises on communication strategy and marketing.

Jason Levine, General Counsel

Jason is a growth-stage veteran whose operating experience includes roles of chief financial officer, general counsel, and senior corporate development executive. He was a founder of CleanBay Renewables prior to the Globomass merger. Mr. Levine also has extensive venture capital and investment banking experience, having managed Boston University’s Community Technology Fund venture capital portfolio, Friedman, Billings, Ramsey’s merchant banking portfolio, and having structured over a billion dollars of structured finance transactions while at Tucker Anthony and Merrill Lynch.

John Wall, President

John is an engineer, entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of GxP Systems, a specialist industrial technology practice, which he ran as CEO and chairman until its acquisition by NASDAQ-quoted SRCL in 2015. John has successfully delivered significant projects in the 500,000+ mhr range. He has detailed knowledge of modular electrical, mechanical and process engineering from directing the successful turnaround of a troubled modular power projects company.

Kevin Hill, Chief Financial Officer

Kevin has more than 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry with a transaction history that includes the acquisition and financing of more than 30 assets, with $900 million in debt and equity and total capitalization greater than $2 billion. He has executed equity and debt investments utilizing fund discretionary capital, institutional joint ventures and private-equity syndications.

Dr. Kristi Shaw, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

Kristi has expertise in estuarine and environmental sciences, bacterial community composition, and marine pathogens and their causes in human illness, and completed several studies associated with antimicrobial resistance, human exposure and environmental controls. She holds a Ph.D. in Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences from University of Maryland, and a Master’s degree in Environmental Health from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Shawn Freitas, Chief Technology Officer

Shawn has professional experience in a variety of organizations related to petroleum and renewable fuel/chemical production. In his most recent role, he worked at TRI, owner of the largest Fischer Tropsch biorefinery in North America and currently building the world’s first municipal solid waste (MSW) to jet fuels plant. Shawn’s experience also includes both lab and commercial scale biomass and waste conversion technologies, as well as the associated methods and instrumentation required for their analysis.

William Taylor, Director of Construction Management

William has been in the construction industry for over 40 years, specializing in the infrastructure needed for site development. He operates in accordance with all OSHA regulations and has earned an “Outstanding” rating during inspections of jobs and he has a certification in Erosion and Sediment Control. William meets project deadlines and budgets, reviews costs and prevents variances. He has always followed company procedures to maintain a superior work environment, as well as monitored project activities to ensure that instructions are followed, deadlines are met and schedules are maintained.