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An Environmental Solution for Communities

Across the U.S.

CleanBay Renewables is developing anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery facilities in Maryland, Delaware and California. Plans are underway for additional facilities in other states.

CleanBay Delmarva

Founded in 2013, CleanBay Delmarva is developing utility-scale bioconversion facilities to recycle the 920,000 tons of chicken litter produced in the Delmarva Peninsula annually. Through the process of anaerobic digestion, these facilities create a usable natural gas and fertilizer that can benefit local agriculture and the community.

AgLand Renewables

AgLand Renewables

The sustainable processing of agricultural byproducts is one of the most significant challenges facing farming and food processing operations. At AgLand Renewables, a California subsidiary of CleanBay Renewables, we believe our process to convert poultry litter into renewable natural gas (RNG) and organic fertilizer will protect the environment, provide an economic boost to local communities and deliver renewable power and gas you can count on.

CleanCoast Renewables logo

CleanCoast Renewables

CleanCoast Renewables is working with local poultry associations and county representatives to determine site locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. As a subsidiary of CleanBay Renewables, the planned CleanCoast facilities will mirror its parent company’s facilities currently under development in Maryland, Delaware and California but be customized to fit the region’s needs.