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CleanBay Renewables is partnering with Vacom Systems, a clean water technology company that specializes in industrial wastewater remediation. Through the collaboration, Vacom will provide CleanBay with its patented Vapor Compression Crystallization (VCC) One-Step technology, which combines turbulent flow and submerged boiling regimes to treat the most difficult and complex waste streams. CleanBay and Vacom will be working together to optimize this technology to address some of the unique challenges faced in recovering the nutrient value from animal manure digestates.

Incorporating Vacom’s VCC One-Step technology into CleanBay’s existing process will further the company’s environmental efforts by allowing it to use renewable electricity to thicken its digestate product and by supporting process simplification. This will help CleanBay continue to deliver on its vision to create a sustainable infrastructure and economic model for the provisioning of renewable energy and the production of controlled-release fertilizer products.