About CleanBay

Founded in 2013, CleanBay Renewables has developed a process using proven technology to fully recycle chicken litter waste and produce clean power.

Using anaerobic digestion and nutrient removal in a fully-enclosed system, the company addresses a local waste stream by creating renewable energy in a way that protects the Chesapeake Bay, provides for local farmers and strengthens the electrical power grid.

Our Model

All CleanBay plants provide the same environmental and power generation benefits to the region. While each CleanBay plant will be slightly different in layout, the digestion process for each facility is fully enclosed.

Chicken litter is inserted directly into the tanks and is never left in a pile, creating a cleaner process that fully reuses the waste stream. Each plant will be able to process and beneficially reuse 90,000 tons of chicken litter each year.

 Anaerobic Digestion

Chicken litter will be delivered to CleanBay facilities on trucks that are completely enclosed. The material will then immediately be transferred into the digester tanks, mixed with water and heated to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The tanks provide an oxygen-free environment where bacteria thrive and break down the waste, releasing a very “wet” form of methane gas (the same gas used in home heating).

Biogas Renewable Power

The natural gas created during anaerobic digestion will be used to power electricity generators or provide biogas that can deliver reliable power and heat to thousands of local homes. To make the gas ready, a special catalyst purifies it by removing water and other gases produced during the digestion process. The result is a clean biogas, produced from turning waste into energy without the need to burn the litter.

Nutrient Recovery

Phosphorus is a naturally occurring nutrient essential to food production. However, an over supply of phosphorus in bodies of water like the Chesapeake Bay, often from agricultural runoff, can be damaging to aquatic life. CleanBay’s technology extracts phosphorus so it can be transported to farmers in other regions of the U.S. where the nutrient is less available. What remains in the Delmarva region is a rich, organic soil amendment that better meets the area’s agricultural needs.

Our Core Principles

Reduce environmental waste that endangers the Bay we all love.

Create renewable power and gas you can count on.

Provide new economic opportunities to communities.


CleanBay Renewables is looking to build at least five new facilities on the Delmarva Peninsula and is actively discussing site options in both Maryland and Delaware.

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Technology Partners

CleanBay Renewables is partnering with industry leaders in the construction and operation of anaerobic digestion facilities. In addition, our field-tested nutrient removal technology, pioneered by Ostara, enables us to safely remove phosphorous during the process and protect the Bay.


The CleanBay leadership team is made up of proven executives and subject matter experts with more than 20 years of experience developing biomass conversion and production facilities.

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Biogas facilities operating in the U.S. today
Tons of Delmarva chicken litter produced yearly
Tons of chicken litter completely recycled in the average CleanBay facility
Equivalent number of U.S. homes powered by the average CleanBay facility


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