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Development Strategy

CleanBay Renewables proposes to develop 20+ utility-scale anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery facilities to process agricultural waste across North America and further afield in due course. Our facility design is purposely scaled to be large enough to process meaningful quantities of waste, but small enough to fit unobtrusively in the physical landscape of the agricultural sector.



Our farmers provide the keystone to our process, the chicken litter. And, in return, our solution enables farmers to produce food at a scale that supports world demand, while decreasing their waste and the negative effects on their environment.  


CleanBay Renewables is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities where we live, work, and operate. We prioritize hiring locally, participating in community events, and supporting local agricultural, environmental, educational, and community development causes. 

Each of our facilities will require between 12 and 18 full-time employees. This does not include the construction jobs that will be provided during startup. We are partnering with several job-training organizations to help further develop workers who can potentially fill these positions. 

Houses and boats along the Annapolis riverfront from above
A dark brown, light brown and yellow chicken in a walkway surrounded by greenery.
Large harvester tractor going through field of wheat at sunset.