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Chesapeake Utilities Corporation has partnered with enviro-tech firm CleanBay Renewables to produce sustainable renewable natural gas (RNG). The firms will produce poultry litter-derived RNG, which will generate greenhouse gas (GHG) credits associated with vehicular usage and provide Chesapeake Utilities with the opportunity to bring additional RNG to its Delmarva operations on the US east coast.

Chesapeake Utilities’ president and CEO Jeff Householder commented: “Utilising the RNG derived from processing excess poultry industry organics in the Delmarva region and transforming that into a carbon-negative sustainable energy source, supports our long-standing commitment to our customers and communities to invest in a resilient, environmentally-friendly and diverse energy supply. This is a win-win for the region as farmers on the Delmarva Peninsula also need an economical way to dispose of agricultural waste, prevent runoff into local waters, and enrich the soil to increase future agricultural production.”